Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Facebook Friends and Lovers,

I am launching my very own website so that I no longer have to endure the promptings of Facebook to get Botox or gorge myself with acai berries every time I write an entry. In addition to my blog, it will be a home for my resume, clips, pictures, and all that actor jazz. However, every website needs an introduction. You can't just be like Janna Ridley, Janna Ridley's face, Janna Ridley's contact information and expect to be hired without the necessary courting phase. In comes Bio. The bio eases the reader (you) into the product (me) so that you feel comfortable and relaxed with the situation. After that a stork comes, and we live happily ever after. Even Post-Its have a bio. "From your to-do lists to your next big project, Post-Its are redefining visual organization. These sturdy, sticky and repositionable notes help you get organized — and stay that way." Thanks for clearing that up, Post-Its. Some of us were confused. If all of that verbosity was necessary for a three inch square with a sticky strip on its backside, I realized I had some explaining to do.

In any case, this is what I came up with. Nothing's set in stone yet as, clearly, my website is still merely an idea in my head. Nothing has been consummated. To people who know me, I welcome your feedback. Am I missing any long stretches of life in here? Is this an accurature portrayal of your girl? What do you think?

I look forward to all glowing feedback! Negativity has no room in my life as I have adopted the mantra that ignorance is bliss. In true LA fashion, I will start a "sleeve" by tattooing this mantra on my forearm in rainbow colored Chinese characters.



Originally from Virginia, Janna caught her first "bug" while gracing the stage of a local high school as a tap dancing Dutch girl for Dance Land School of Dance's annual dance recital. Janna also realizes that she just said dance four times in one sentence. However, Dance Land was not the apex of her career. Although others discouraged her, saying she couldn't possibly get any better, she didn't listen. She went on to train at such prestigious programs as The Kirov Academy, Boston Ballet School, and the Juilliard Conservatory.

Her love for dance and training in the artform lent itself naturally to acting. Her growing interest in acting led to her enroll as a theatre major at James Madison University. She graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Theatre and Dance and a B.S. in Communication Sciences while still performing and involving herself in several works staged at both the university's experimental and main stage theatres. Degrees in hand, she decided to continue her training and performing in Chicago, where she studied on a full merit scholarship at the training home of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and also started studying improvisation at the famed Improv Olympic.

Janna currently lives in Los Angeles where she is kicking herself everyday for not taking Spanish, but making up for the self-abuse through constant exposure to beautiful, unadulterated vitamin D in the form of sunshine! She is married to a trustworthy and loyal GPS system named Tom (Tom), and they relish being able to spend hours of quality time together everyday. She is most widely known for her role as Officer Jan Fisk in the film Wages of Sin and also regularly works in independent films, industrial films, and print advertisements. She can also be found as a dancer in music videos for Chris Brown and Corbin Bleu. While keeping busy with on-camera acting opportunities, she also works as a corporate presenter and spokesmodel for several national and international companies. She keeps up with her craft by taking improv classes at iO West and also studies under John Sudol. In addition to acting, she authors a popular* blog about being a new actor on the scene in LA ( She and Tom are looking bravely towards the exciting road to come.

*For all you picky Paulas I realize that my blog may not yet be "popular" but if I ever learned anything from Kevin Costner it was that if you build it, they will come (or was it that actors should stick to acting?). The same principle will be applied to building my website, which will host my blog, and popularity will ensue.

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MikeyPat said...

Great idea, my friend. Just put the work in as I know you will. The web is a powerful tool and when you know how to use it then it can open doors. Get 'em, tiger.